Birmingham & Warwickshire 11+

The Birmingham and Warwickshire 11+ is now over. There are critical differences between the two areas. Warwickshire use the same test for up to 2 years and Birmingham do not.

So, is the Warwickshire 11+ test fair? Are we to believe that children sitting the test cannot remember content and do not pass it on to late sitters?

Do we believe that tutors do not gain content from feedback or do they, as any business, discover market intelligence? Once they know content how are they expected to not use this information when tutoring late sitters? Isn’t it their job to ensure children pass in the same was teachers want their students to gain high GCSE and “A” levels scores?

How is it that children taking the Birmingham 11+ can remember content and this is posted on many websites in explicit detail, yet Warwickshire children, according to Warwickshire County Council cannot? Food for thought!

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