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CEM11+ Wolverhampton & Shropshire
Wolverhampton does not have any state grammar schools for boys. There is a private co-educational grammar school.

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School

The state school is highly selective and does not have catchment areas. The highest scores win places. The PAN 108. It is part of the Shropshire & Wolverhampton Consortium.

Shropshire Grammar Schools

Adams’ Grammar Schools (Boys)

Adams Grammar school is a highly selective school with no catchment area. The highest scores are offered places. It also takes borders who pay only for the provision associated with boarding. The sixth form is co-educational.

The PAN is 97, which includes up to 15 boarders.

Qualifying marks are not revealed and occasionally less than 97 children are admitted, if scores are deemed not high enough.

Newport Girl’s Grammar School

Newport Girl’s Grammar School is a selective school with a catchment area.

It has a PAN of 84 (an increase from the previous figure of 56). Priority is given to those girls who live in the Newport area. Places are allocated first to all ‘In’ area girls deemed to be of grammar school ability. The highest scores win places. When all ‘In’ area girls have been considered, any places remaining are offered to those ‘Out’ of area girls with the highest scores. Qualifying scores are not revealed.


The test is set by CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® at Durham University®. The test covers Verbal Reasoning (Comprehension, synonyms, antonyms and cloze passages); Numeracy, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. There are two 45-minute papers held on the same day.

2014 Entry

The deadline for registration for the exam is 4pm on 3rd June, 2013.

The exam is 2nd July 2013 and is effectively a 10+ test.

Results are released in September, 2013.

CEM 11 Plus Recommended Preparation for the Wolverhampton & Shropshire 11+

Verbal Reasoning: www.WordBuilder.co.uk

Maths: www.CoolCleverKids.co.uk

Non Verbal Reasoning: Bond®; NFER-Nelson®, GL assessment®, & AFN® papers.
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11+ English (Verbal Reasoning)
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Spellings; Vocabulary; Synonyms; Antomyms; Conundrums; Cloze Passages; Comprehension, and Jumbled up sentences. Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.
11+ Maths (Numerical Reasoning)
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Free maths question generator
Lesson notes; presentations (videos); worksheets; games; Sats style tests from Year 2 to 6 including mental maths audio tests; private school 11+ tests, and CEM style past questions.
Now includes Non-verbal Reasoning.
Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.

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