CEM 11 Plus

11+ Test Dates 2023 (2024 entry)

CEM have quit paper based 11+ tests so have lost most of their state school clients.

To get up to 25% extra time in these tests, ensure your child is labelled dyslexic. It is now a badge of honour which allows you up to 25% extra time in all tests (11+, GCSE, A-levels and even Oxbridge entrance tests) and the results will not indicate extra time was provided. This is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child. It is no surprise thatso many privately educated children are diagnosed with dyslexia. We believe every child should be given up to 25% extra time. Fast workers can check answers and slow workers can finish. Else, tests should all be untimed.

Professor of education at Durham University, Julian Elliott, claimed diagnosing a child with dyslexia is no more scientific than reading a horoscope.

The Office for the School Adjudicator has ruled the school cannot refuse testing just because a child lives outside the catchment area for grammar schools.

Note: the same 11+ test cannot be taken twice and checks are in place to ensure your child does not take the same twice. This is why we group schools sharing the test so you know instantly you cannot apply for the same test twice. We do not encourage your child to try and take the same test twice, but we do encourage your child to sit DIFFERENT tests as free mock exams to experience a real test environment before your actual 11+ test.

This page is being updated for 2024 admissions. The dates below are provisional and subject to confirmation.

11plus Area &
Registration Period
School Testing Dates Use as Free CEM 11+Tests
for 11+ Tourists.

Dame Alice Owen
4th May to 9th June 2023

Rule: Children who wish to sit the Entrance Examination must live within one of the Local Priority Areas.

This may not be lawful.
[Dates not confirmed]

.Dame Alice Owen, Potters Bar.

Thursday 2nd Sep 2023 Part 1 VR and Music Apptitude (aural responses).
Additional dates 4th Sep 2023

Part II test English & Maths Sat 1st October 2023 for top 325

Second part Music (individual) 27th September to beginning of October 2023
The verbal reasoning are from GL Assessment (not CEM) and contain 50 questions.

English: A one hour comprehension paper which includes an extended writing piece – written internally.

Mathematics – A one hour paper – written internally

South West Herts Consortium

Tueaday 11th April 2023 to Friday 16 June 2023

Venue notiification: 7 Jul 2023 (around noon)

First Round Music tests scores: Noon Thursday 15 Sept 2022.

Results Wedesday
19th October 2023 noon

Dates confirmed

Bushey Meads School
Parmiter's School
Queens School
Rickmansworth School
St Clement Dane's School
Watford Grammar School Boys
Watford Grammar School Girls




Academic Test
Sat 9th Sept 2023

GL Assessment tests

Music test: Mon 4th Sep 2023
(Scores provided Thursday  noon 14th Sep 2023)

Sports test: Wed 13th Sep 2023 (Queen' School Only)

Start of Second Round Music Monday 18th September to Friday 22nd September.
Scores:noon Wednesday 18th October 2023.

The tests are from GL Assessment (not CEM)



Birmingham Consortium &
Warwickshire 11+ 
(shared test)

GLA will be used for for 2024 entry.

GLA will be used for for 2023 entry. Main date Sat 17th Sep, 2023
Extra: Sun 18th Sep 2023

GLA will be used for for 2024 entry.


The tests are from GL Assessment (not CEM)

Two papers, each lasting approximately 60 minutes (around 15 minutes of practice
questions/test administration and around 45 minutes of testing time).

Birmingham Schools.

Register: 8th May 2023 to
30th June  2023
Special Adjustments deadline 30th June 2023
Birmingham 11+

Results: 16th October 2023

GLA will be used for for 2024 entry.
Bishop Vesey's Grammar
Handsworth Grammar
Sutton Coldfield Girls'
King Edward VI Schools:
Camp Hill Girls' School
Camp Hill Boys' School
Five Ways School
Handsworth School
Saturday 16th Sep 2023
Sunday 17th Sep 2023
for  followers of the Jewish  & Seven Heavens faiths who object to Saturday testing and extra candidates using the test as a mock exam!)

WCC deliberately run a test that can be compromised knowing the risks.

Tourists: apply for Warwickshire 11+ You do not need to inform them you will not turn up if you change your mind.

GLA will be used for for 2024 entry.

Warwickshire Schools
Warwickshire 11+

Register: Mon 8th May 2023 to 30th June 2023 (23:59)

Ashlawn Aptitude Test for Modern Foreign Languages.
Register from 6th June 2022 to 10th July 2022.

Venue notification:
Mon 14 Aug 2023

Results 16th Oct 2023

A `back door` route to be taught along side the selective stream.
High KS2 SATs scores are also a back door route in to the selective stream.

Note: once in the grammar stream, you can be removed from the stream in some
subjects so there is no
guarantee of a grammar education.

Alcester Grammar School
Ashlawn Selective School
King Edward VI Grammar
Lawrence Sheriff School
Rugby High School
Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar  School for Girls

Use the test result as evidence of ability in case of a need to appeal in your own area.

WCC and CEM deliberately run a test that can be compromised knowing
the risks.

Saturday 16th Sep 2023
Sunday 17th Sep 2023
Supplementary dates:
30th Sept 2023 & 8th Oct 2023
Before 10th March 2024 for re-offers round 1.

Ashlawn School Aptitude Test:
Saturday 9th Sept 2023
This is not an official route to the selective stream, but children are usually in the same sets as the 11+ stream.

WCC cannot stop children from taking their 11+ test as a free mock exam. The Greenwich ruling is clear. Do not be intimidated if questioned. Insist on the first sitting date.

Take Warwickshire 11+ test as late as possible. If out of area for Southern Warwickshire Schools, take in January, 2024 (as you may not get a first round offer anyway) by which time tutors will know the content as WCC now admit children remember content and the test can be compromised.

Register for the Warwickshire 11+ test and tick to share results with Birmingham. Use as a free mock exam. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. You do not even need to turn up, so can change your mind Warwickshire County Council cannot stop this.

Shared Test Test B Main date: 17 & 19 Sep 2022 Compromised Test
The Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools
Registration: Slough
2nd May 2022 to mid-night Sunday 12th June 2022 00:00
Herschel Grammar
Langley Grammar
St Bernard's Convent
Upton Court Grammar
Sat 17th Sept 2022
Mon 19th Sep 2022
They will not be using CEM for 2023 tests.
Reading Consortium
Register 1st May 2022 to
1st July 2022 (noon)
Kendrick (Girls)
Reading  (Girls)
Kendrick School
Reading School (using CEM Select tests)
Sat 17th Sept 2022

Late tests Jan 2023
Chelmsford County High
Register: 9am Friday 29 Apr 22
to 4pm Thurs16 June 2022
Chelmsford County High School for Girls (CCHS) Sat 17th Sept, 2022  
Gloucestershire 11+
Register: noon 19th May 2022 noon to noon 30th June 2022

Results: By end of Oct 2022

This will be a test from GL Assessment form 2023.


Pate's Grammar School (mixed)
Denmark Road School (Girls)
Ribston Hall High School (Girls)
Sir Thomas Rich's School (Boys)
The Crypt School (Mixed)
Marling School (Boys)
Stroud High School (Girls)

Sat 17th Sept, 2022


This will be a test from GL Assessment form 2023.

BHP Consortium
Register by noon 27 Jun 2022
Results by 17th Oct 2022
Heckmondwike Grammar Mon 19th Sept 2022  
Register from 2nd May 2022 to noon 20 Jun 20221 Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar Sat 17th Sept 2022  
Register between 1st May 2020 and 1st July 2022 noon.
Results: mid Oct 2022.
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith Sat 17th Sept 2022  
Trafford CEM Consortium
Register from 1st June 2022 to noon Friday 24th June 2022.
Altrinham Grammar School
Sale Grammar School
Stetford Grammar School
Urmston Grammar School
Mon 19th Sept 2022
This will not be a CEM test from 2023.
  Test D Test D  
The London Borough of Redbridge
Register 29th April 2022  to
5pm Wed 22nd June 2022

Boys Girls
Ilford County High
Woodford County High
Sat 17th Sept 2022
Mon 19th Sep 2022

This will not be a CEM test from 2023.
  Test E Test E  
Kent Grammar School
Shepway Test

Register 9am  Monday 30th May 2022 to 4pm Monday 4th July 2022

Results Thurs 6th Oct 2022

Dover Grammar School
The Folkstone School for Girls
Highsted Grammar School
Harvey Grammar School
Mayfield Grammar

Sat 10thSeptember 2022

Computer based test plus

English paper (writing skills)

11+ transfer test:
GL Assessment (not C.E.M.)

3pm, 3rd May 2022 to
3pm, 23rd June 2022


Results provided by:
14th October 2022
Aylesbury Grammar
Aylesbury High School
Beaconsfield High School
Burnham Grammar
Dr Challoner’s Grammar
Dr Challoner’s High Sch
John Hampden Grammar
Royal Grammar School
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar
Chesham Grammar
Sir William Borlase's
The Royal Latin School
Wycombe High School

This test is from
GL Assessment (not C.E.M.)

Transfer Test Date:
Thursday 8th September 2022

Practice/Preparation Test:
Tuesday 6th September 2022


1st Sep 22 Dame Alice Owen.
3rd Sep 22 South West Herts

  Test C 10 Sep, 12 Sep, 17 Sep  
Torbay and Devon Consortium
Register 1st April 2022 to
Noon Thursday 8th Sep 2022 (preferably 22nd Jul 2022)

Results: Friday 14th Oct 2022
Churston Ferrers Grammar
Torquay Boys' Grammar
Torquay Girls' Grammar
Colyton Grammar School
Saturday 17 September 2022

Additional day:
Friday 30th September 2022

This will not be a CEM test from 2023.
Register from 10am 21 Apr 22
to 5pm 7th July 2022.
Bishop Wordsworth's Sat 17th September 2022
Late sitting: December 2022

Register: from 4th April 2022
to 4pm 7th July 2022

Walsall Boys Girls


This will not be a CEM test from 2023.

Haberdashers' Adams Grammar
Newport Girls' High
Queen Mary's Grammar (Boys)
Queen Marys High School
Wolverhampton Girls'

Monday 26th September 2022


24th to 27th September 2022


This will not be a CEM test from 2023.

London Borough
of Bexley 11+
Register between
3 May 2022 and 1 July 2022

Results 5th October, 2022
This will  be a test from GL Assessment form 2023.

Test E
Beths Grammar School
Bexley Grammar School
Chislehurst and Sidcup
Townley Grammar
Test E
Tuesday 13 Sep 2022 morning and afternoon for non-Bexley primary school children
Morning Wednesday 14 September 2022
for Bexley primary school children.
This will be a test from GL Assessment form 2023.

Medway 11+
Register between
30th May 2022 to 27 Jun 2022.

Results by first class post on Monday 3 October 2022 or
via email after 4pm if registered online.

This will not be a CEM test in 2023

Test F
Holcombe Grammar School for Boys (previously known as Chatham Grammar for Boys)
Chatham Grammar School for Girls
Fort Pitt Grammar School (Chatham) Girls
Rainham Mark Grammar School (Gillingham) Mixed
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School (Rochester) Boys
The Howard School (Rainham)
The Rochester Grammar School Girls
Test F
Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 and Saturday 17th September 2022.

GL Asessment  tests are for
Mathematics & Verbal Reasoning (both multiple choice)

Extended Writing is from the Local authority.

NVR is not tested.


This information has been compiled from our own research. We take no responsibility for if the actual dates differ. Please confirm with the schools. Dates are subject to confirmation and can change due to unforseen circumstances.

Survey Results
* The absence of a bar indicates 0%.
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